All pets are hand drawn and colored with colored pencil on card stock paper. Sizing is 8x10 or 8 1/2 x 11 depending on how many pets you would like on the page. Pets can be drawn on one page or multiple pages. The pets name can also be included on the drawing.  Pricing is per pet and includes shipping.

Any pet can be done! All you need to do is email a photo of your pet. All drawings will be mailed usually within 5-10 days. Payment can be made via Paypal.


Email for pricing and questions.


Jerry King is a professional cartoonist and creates hundreds of cartoons per month for magazines, websites, newspapers, greeting cards, books, etc... He's worked for Disney, American Greetings and other companies throughout the world. Jerry started doing pet caricatures at local events for pet rescues and donated the profits to charity. Due to the popularity of the pet cartoons he decided to create them on a regular basis and Jerry still  donates to local rescues. Jerry loves pets and owns four of his own and he's  happy to help out the rescues.